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Michal Kriesch Wedding Photographer Sydney

Wedding photography is about immortalising the moments of one of the most important days in a persons’ life. Every part of a wedding needs to be captured perfectly in order to preserve the precious memories that will be there forever.

The wedding photographer holds a big responsibility, as he only has one chance to capture each moment perfectly. That requires tremendous skill and experience, which can only be obtained with years of practice and an endless strive for perfection.

Therefore choosing Michal Kriesch Studios is a wise decision – you will know that you’re getting the services of a renowned and leading wedding photographer and videographer in Sydney, who has decades of experience in photography, allowing him to find the best possible solutions for each wedding scenario.

Michal Kriesch has ample experience in the fashion industry and is now using that knowledge to transform wedding and portrait photography and create unforgettable images.

Why Choose Michal Kriesch Studios?

When opting for Michal Kriesch, you are getting much more than just photography. To truly capture a wedding, it takes much more than a camera and a person to take the pictures.

In the end, each wedding is a unique experience that can’t be encompassed in a collection of random images – it requires a keen eye and a creative vision to reveal the uniqueness of each event and help highlight the actual people in the shot, making the pictures truly memorable and special.

Our finishing, quality of print and the packaging of the photos is done exclusively, so you always get an unparalleled service from start to finish. We offer custom made designer albums that are a beautiful compliment to the wedding photos.

Other Services:

Fashion and Editorial Photography: We can arrange model photo shoots for fashion designers, and also do work for some of the leading fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Glamorous Shoots: At Michal Kriesch Studios, we also provide portrait and glamorous shoots in various styles and can arrange them according to individual preferences and requirements.

No matter what your needs might be, you can rest assured that with the experienced team at Michal Kriesch Studios, your expectations will be exceeded at every turn.

So call us today on 0414 915 519 or fill out the  contact form here and let us help you create an unforgettable photography experience for the special event of your life!